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Terzia õlivärv Venetian Red 0564 37ml

Hind: 3.50 €
Ostukorvis:    Koguse valimisel lisandub toode automaatselt ostukorvi.
Tootekood: 4001128120089
Toodetud alates 1862 aastast.
Õlivärv LUKAS TERZIA. See tootevalik töötati välja spetsiaalselt maalikunstnikele, kellel kulub rohkem õlivärve ja on piiratud eelarve.
Õlivärv LUKAS TERZIA vastab kõikidele nõudmistele.
Pleekimiskindel.(Ka punastle toonidel)
Hea kattevõime tänu kõrge kvaliteediga LUKASE pigmentidele.
Kuivab kiirelt.
Ei kolletu.
Kreemine konsistents.
Kuivamisaeg umbes 2-4 päeva.Oleneb värvikihi paksusest.

Since 1862, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld and LUKAS have been a sign of top quality artists‘ colours. Even Vincent van Gogh, as can be proved, has used the products of our house – the well known master ordered the popular colour extra from Düsseldorf. Up to the current day numerous artists all over the world trust the over 140-year-old tradition of our house. We also do not breach this trust in the classic area of oil painting.

The assortment LUKAS TERZIA was designed consciously following our usual high quality standards. This product range was especially developed for all the painters that require large quantities of oil colours for a limited budget, fulfilling all demands for high light fastness (even in the expensive red colour shades), gradual and thorough drying even with thicker brush strokes, together with a good adherence to the painting surface without any cracking, if of course it is used correctly.

A Good Covering Power is ensured through a high concentration of high quality pigments.

A Good Light Fastness is guaranteed by the use of artists’ pigments. No colour has a light fastness lower than 6-7 on the internationally standardised 8-step blue wool scale.

A Good Drying of Colours is ensured through the use of high-quality linseed and sunflower oils of pharmaceutical quality. The danger of cracking of the surface while drying of the colour is minimised – if used in the correct way.

Non-yellowing is ensured through the use of the sunflower oil in the Titanium White and Opaque White colour shades to the extent that is possible nowadays.

The Famous „Buttery“ Consistency of LUKAS TERZIA oil colour is achieved through the use of the classical LUKAS consistency medium, e.g. real bees wax. At the same time the colours can be easily cleaned up.

The typical Drying Time for oil colours straight through all shades amounts on average from 2 to 4 days with thin brushstroke strength (100-120 μm).

One of the Greatest Advantages of these colours is the remarkably low price comparing it to its intensity and the covering power, which pays off with an extended use of the colours.


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