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Primo Kipsipulber 1kg 2000GA

Hind: 4.95 €
Toode on hetkel otsas.
Tootekood: 8006919020001
Kipsile lisada vett ,et moodustuks hapukoore taoline mass.
Segada intensiivselt et klimpe sisse ei jääks.
Valada vormi ja lasta kuivada.
Saadud kujud,tooted saab dekoreerida värvidega ja lakkida.

Alabaster plaster for making plaster objects and undercoats. Dilute one to two parts of product with one part of water and allow the powder to wet thoroughly (1 to 2 minutes). Then mix vigorously for a paste free of lumps. Pour the plaster into the mould. When the material is sufficiently hard (30 minutes or so) break out of the mould and leave to dry. The resulting mouldings can be painted with water paints or enamels. Add vinyl based glue to the water (one part to eight parts of water) for a denser material which is more elastic once fully dry. In this case the plaster can be applied to rough surfaces with a trowel to serve as an undercoat for painting. Do not dump residue down the sink.


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