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Kunstipliiatsid Lyra Rembrant Art Specials 12tk

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Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials 12tk komplekt.

Metallkarbis, komplekt Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials sisaldab kõike mida joonistamiseks vajad.
• 2 Red Chalk pencils
• 2 Sepia pencils
• 1 White Chalk pencil
• 1 Black Chalk pencil
• 2 Charcoal pencils
• 1 Carbon pencil
• 1 Graphite aquarelle pencil
• 2 TITAN graphite pencils

Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials

Red Chalk pencil: red brown, for portraits and nude studies.

Sepia pencil: light brown, for sketching.

White Chalk pencil: for working on tinted or black paper, and to lighten red chalk drawings.

Black Chalk pencil: for effective mixing with water and blending or working with a kneadable eraser.

Charcoal pencil: smooth blending through spreading e.g. when pre-sketching for an oil painting. Fixing is essential.

Carbon Special Drawing pencil: used to add depth to the work. Available in different grades for artistic purposes: soft, medium, hard and extra hard.

Rembrandt Charcoal pencil: very light-resistant, available in soft, medium or hard.

Graphite Aquarelle pencil: water-soluble, grades HB, 4B, 8B, allows for fascinating watercolour painting effects.

Rembrandt Sketching pencil: flat oval, 180 mm length, for shading and calligraphy. Available in 4B and 6B.

Titan pencil: woodless artists’ pencil for all drawing techniques, available in 5 grades: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B.

Kunstipliiatsid Lyra Rembrant Art Specials 12tk
Kunstipliiatsid Lyra Rembrant Art Specials 12tk
Kunstipliiatsid Lyra Rembrant Art Specials 12tk


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